My Story

Hey, I'm Jazmin Lucky. A Filmmaker and Production Manager based in NC.

As a well-trained videographer and filmmaker with years of experience, I am passionate about creating top-notch videos and content for film and social media. I’m committed to providing impeccable services with an innovative strategy to clients by helping brands and businesses gain better exposure through amazing video and content strategies.

I have worked on various television shows and movies, and I understand that my clients have gone through different phases in realizing their ideas. I am fully convinced that nothing about their journey is ordinary. I always keep this in mind as I develop creative strategies and produce videos and imprint their message and story in the hearts of their customers.

Why Work With Me?

I am constantly looking for better ways to remain creative. I go beyond traditional filmmaking methods and explore new and creative strategies for presenting valuable digital content. I am not scared of trying out new and innovative techniques that are years ahead of the industry, and I have a wealth of experience to meet your specific need.