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Producing for the future, not the present.
I'm Jazmin Lucky. Nice to meet you!

I’m an indie filmmaker and a freelance director, videographer, and editor based in North Carolina, but I call a lot of places home. In other words, I love traveling and creating. My work consists of narrative, documentary, motion graphic, and promotional films. I guess for us to really connect, I’ve got to tell you a little bit about myself.

I’ve always had a love for video, long before I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker. It all started at my nana’s house in New Jersey. Every day my cousins and I would stay with her while our parents worked. She would film every moment, from our first steps to our first word. Moving to North Carolina created a significant change, until the day my parents bought me a video camera of my own. I then discovered the feeling of being behind-the-scenes, and never looked back. There was never a day you would find me without a camera in my hand. Don’t believe me? I will gladly show you all of my home recordings from tape to DVD and now digital.

Since then, I have expanded my knowledge with a bachelors in journalism and mass communications and a masters in interactive media. While creating films and freelancing, I also work as a production assistant. I’ve assisted on high-profile productions like NBC’s The Voice 13, Netflix’s DeRay Davis: How To Act Black, Investigation Discovery’s Breaking Homicide and more.

I love waking up to new horizons, making friends with people, and exploring the world. Film has become a way of expressing myself and others by telling their stories.

Now enough reading. Let’s get to the fun part and watch some videos in my portfolio! So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

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