• Categories: Narrative
  • Released: April 2017
  • My Role: Producer, Casting Director, Editor

Created for my advanced video production class; Kirsten is a dark comedy with an ending to die for. The short film will keep you on your toes and entertained until the very last second. As the producer, I worked on the production from the beginning to the end (pre-production, production, post-production). It is a must watch!

My job consisted of:
  • Planning and coordinating various aspects of the production team and set.
  • Working closely with the director in storyboarding and creating the overall look and feel of the film.
  • Conducting over 15 auditions to select the appropriate cast for the short film.
  • Editing the footage into an intense cinematic film.

  • Tools Used:

    Canon 70d, Premiere, Audition, After Effects, Magic Bullet